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New teen novel “The Prophetess” redefines Angel genre and raises thought-provoking questions on God & faith

Upcoming teen novel “The Prophetess” by Desy Smith unfolds a never-read-before journey of a fallen angel and his rendezvous with a strong independent prophetess.

Lancaster, TX – July 10, 2017 – For ages we have seen angels as heavenly creatures living with God. But what if an angel is made to live with mere mortals? Upcoming teen novel, “The Prophetess” explores such new take on the Angel genre which has not been trodden ever before. Written by Desy Smith, the book has woven a gripping tale that talks about ancient strong male leads, an independent female protagonist and also raises question on God and age-old Christian beliefs.

The book will be officially released on August 2. However, the novel is now available for pre-order on for Kindle.

“I am excited to bring to you my upcoming book ‘The Prophetess’. It’s a teen novel with a paranormal angle that makes it even more special. The book explores the Angel genre but not in the way we have seen it to this date and that’s the most exclusive of the novel. My readers will find something new to explore here, some really thought-provoking that will make them question many age old beliefs we have obliged to forever”, stated Desy while announcing the news of the novel

Desy Smith is a self-published author.

The book starts with a tragic event in Heaven where an angel (Ezekiel) is being exiled to the unforgiving land of mortals. For two thousand years, he is forced to live with the humans and then suddenly one day, he finds a way to regain his route to heaven. But the path is marred with several obstacles including demon Moloch, and the independent beautiful prophetess Isabelle – who is also the main female protagonist of the novel.

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“Isabelle is a paradox”, noted Desy while talking about the signature character of her upcoming novel. She doesn’t like God, despite the fact that it’s God who has given her the gift of prophecy. She is blessed but refuses to communicate to God due to a past event that has happened in her life. In addition, she can’t really trust humans as well.

On the other hand, Ezekiel is poles apart from Isabelle. In spite of being exiled from God’s land, he still hails God as his dear Father. And thus, when the two characters meet, they are always clashing. 

“I believe the book would be an eye-opener for the readers. It will help them to realize that sometimes Christians have their bouts of doubt and anger against God. Most importantly such doubts and rage are natural with many and they will be able to relate to the book. It’s not anything preachy but would make you question a thing or two. And yes, my novel also promises a good laugh for my readers as well.”

To grab your copy of the book, visit or Amazon Kindle.

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