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Chic Home Life Celebrates Opening Their Online Store with an Amazing Limited Time Offer: Wall Art Free Shipping

Chic Home Life, a popular brand of creative home décor launches a new online store. To celebrate, they offer free shipping for any of their fun and original text-based wall art. The offer will only remain active for a limited time.

People want to live in beautiful and stylish homes and décor is what sets the atmosphere in a building. Chic Home Life is a brand with a very special mission. They want to prove that every person can make their home fantastic. To help achieve this they offer a wide selection of stunning home décor pieces.

All these items are now available for sale in their new online store at

Home Decorating and Personal Happiness

Hundreds of studies on human psychology try to determine, measure, and classify how people react to colors, textures, and shapes. Their results differ quite a bit, but one fact remains solid. A person’s home has a tremendous effect on their happiness, success, and even psychological development.

Interior décor isn’t something aimed solely to impress guests and show off one’s wealth and taste. The items that surround one affect their emotional state and general wellbeing. In the light of this, it becomes obvious that decorating one’s home is extremely important.

Chic Home Life understands this and provides people with tips on how to create beautiful, efficient, and affordable décor. They offer advice on how to organize every room in the house, including laundry and outdoor spaces.

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Chic Home Life: Lifestyle Change Through the Home

chic home lifeChic Home Life might be a relatively new brand, but it has already amassed a base of loyal clients. The brand started out under the name Chic Home Accents in 2013. It’s a family business owned by a great couple living in Austin, Texas.

In 2017 the business reached a new level and expanded online. What used to be a beautiful website with lots of helpful info on decorating and lifestyle became an online store. Fun and pretty text-based wall art is the first product to launch from the Chic Home Life shop. For a limited time only one can buy these beautiful and witty pieces and have them shipped free of charge.

Chic Home Life website also offers a host of helpful information on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy oneself.  It’s a brand that aims make the world a better place by reaching out to every person and making them a little bit happier. Their information base is extremely versatile and has everything from tips on remodeling to healthy dinner recipes.

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Company Name: Chic Home Life
Contact Person: Natasha Hopkins
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Phone: 512-895-9582
Address:PO Box 2337
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