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Who Knew Campfires and Entrepreneurship had So Much in Common

WORCESTER, MA – 8 Jul, 2017 – A new book seeks to set a fire of passion for entrepreneurs and calls them “Embers.”  The author, Damion Maragh, draws from his experience in camping, specifically campfires, in order to share the cycle that an entrepreneur goes through.

For example, fires start out with friction, many entrepreneur experience “friction” that sets them on their entrepreneurial journey.  The goal, however, would be to use that friction to grow and to “glow” as an entrepreneur.  The author also mentions that while fires are great when they are away from establishment, they can be seen as harmful to things that are established.

No entrepreneur has gone a day as one without knowing this to be a fact.  In established organizations, it is hard to have your fire thrive, many would see the passion of an entrepreneur as “destructive” (just like fire), but the entrepreneur can thrive where there is no establishment.  This book helps entrepreneurs find where they can do their best work.

Damion wants every entrepreneur to experience the fire that comes with its passion, and he wants to help “wannabe entrepreneurs” drop the wannabe title.  This book is designed to help entrepreneurs live with more awesomeness.

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