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Oxford Based UK Company Reports Increase in Gold Business

Discount Gold Now Offered to Public in a new way to saves up to an incredible 17%

Zivogold, a discount gold seller, has announced a recent increase in business.  The company’s ability to reduce risk factors said to play a part in the influx to the purchasing of gold bullion that is freely open to the general public.

“The fact that Zivogold has found a way to drastically reduce the risk level that is generally attached to buying safe haven physical gold bullion has resulted in a large increase in business,” stated a Zivogold company representative.  “This new way to buy gold bullion gives those who purchase an amazing discount that can be as much as 9% off the global spot price, giving never before seen instant profits and insures against market volatility.  Needless to say, word is spreading like wildfire and many are wanting a piece of the pie.”

The vision of becoming a one-of-a-kind gold marketplace is the company’s inspiration.  This is now becoming a reality which was made possible when the company consulted with gold mine owners and came up with a revolutionary new concept allowing private investors to join the gold rush safely.  The rest is history.

The public has flocked to Zivogold, taking advantage of the opportunities in buying discount gold.  The fool-proof strategy was simple but afforded ordinary citizens to reap the benefits once only reserved for the ultra-wealthy and financial institutions.

Statistics show that traders and analysts alike are bullish on gold for the upcoming years.  The yellow metal is expected to reach $1,400-$1,500 per troy ounce during 2017.  Continued chaos over Brexit and other unstable conditions in the world reinforce the appeal of investing in gold, a steadfast and profitable commodity.

This is not the only time in history that gold has been a stability in an uncertain time.  For thousands of years, gold has been traded.  The banking industry was actually created in the seventeenth century by goldsmiths.  Nowadays, central banks and countries are all bound to hold gold as a security to protect their entities from financial risks as it is the only true financial insurance policy.  Now, with the revolutionary Zivogold concept, ordinary individuals can do the same.

With a business strategy that Zivogold has in place, is expected to cause disruption in the market as competitors typically charge a premium of up to 8% on the purchase price of physical gold bullion. When you factor those premiums in, means you could be saving up to a staggering 17% on the purchase price.

“Gold is a great and sound investment,” a company representative commented.  “That has been true for centuries and isn’t about to change any time soon.  The only thing that has changed is the fact that Zivogold has made the safest and easiest way known to man to buy gold. People of any status can take advantage of the great deal as well and we are proud to be the company that offers this.”

To learn more about Zivogold or to buy gold bullion, visit the website or contact the company by email.

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