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Capsule introduces world’s first 2-in-1 mobile case that comes with curved temper glass protector for Galaxy S8

Capsule is the newly launched 2-in-1 mobile case for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, that comes with a curved temper glass protector. The product is now live on crowd funding website and seeks a funding of $60,000 to get it in mass production and distribution. The funding goal is justified by the fact that this mobile case may revolutionise the phone case industry. The 2-in-1 case will eliminate the hassles of dealing with S8 glass protector, which reduces the touchscreen sensitivity and doesn’t fit properly due to the ring adhesive around the curved glass.

Capsule is a special case designed to encapsulate the glass protector perfectly with the case without any need for adhesive. It’s easy to install, strong, durable and offers great touchscreen sensitivity. Moreover, it comes in a sleek design and vibrant colours that look beautiful. The phone case uses innovative technology to align the glass protector perfectly with the case so there are no empty spaces and the phone is protected to its best.

Capsule can be installed in few simple steps. The user needs to place their S8 phone into the rubber slipcover and put on the glass protector on the screen then finally install the pair of outer cells.As mentioned before, the capsule comes with three components, curved tempered glass screen protector, rubber slip cover and outer cells. The curved tempered glass is made with anoleophobic coating and 9H surface hardness while the inside of rubber slipcover is engraved with special honeycomb design to absorb any impact. The outer shells of Capsule are made of solid PC material to offer great shatter proof ability.

Capsule is developed with an aim to eliminate the shortcomings offered by conventional glass protectors for S8. By introducing a brand new and innovative design for the phone case, it has set a benchmark for other phone case manufacturers too. Additionally, the product comes with a magnetic kickstand, to provide great viewing angle for watching videos and movies. It’s super slim and lights with only 1.8 mm thickness and 50g/1.76oz weight.

By donating $45 to the Kickstarter project, the backers can receive 1 unit of Capsule with pre-send protection. Since the cover is divided into two components, the backers also have the option to choose different colours for the two. They can choose from a combination of Red+Black, Blue+Black or Blue+Red Capsule in the $45 perk. Another $45 perk, offers customization option to the backers. They can get a name or phrase engraved on the phone case. More information about Capsule is available on

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