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Business Networking is Key to Survival of Local Retail

LOS ANGELES, CA – 6 Jul, 2017 – With a recent report from the US Department of Commerce reporting e-commerce sales at a staggering $394 billion in 2016, there is no question that brick and mortar retail companies should be worried.

“US online retail sales grew faster in 2016 than they have in the past three years,” states Jordan Wexler, CEO of “This is only going to increase considering e-commerce accounted for about 40% percent of all retail sales growth last year. Local retail needs to stick together and fight back.”

With 170,000 businesses signed up already in over 5,000 cities, Wexler’s seeks to disrupt traditional business networking with a modern day solution that puts the advantage back in the hands of local businesses. 
“Business can sign up for free, and instantly connect with up to 1,500 non-competing businesses in their city in massive referral networks.” Wexler continues, “No mandatory meetings, no passing little pieces of paper or business cards, Smart Guy has automated the process providing not only a business-to-business solution, but a business-to-consumer solution.”

By empowering businesses with automated referral technology, local businesses can generate constant referral leads from one another, thereby reducing the need for expensive advertising and allowing them to pass this savings onto consumers in the form of lower prices. This is handled through an automated discount guide of businesses called the SmartGuy Saver. An effective tool against the low prices of the fast growing online companies.

“The Trojan horse has entered our walls and no one see’s it for what it is”, states Wexler. “I understand consumers want lower prices, but there is a better way to get them and save their communities at the same time.”

About Smart Guy, Inc. is one of the largest exclusive business networks in the world, providing solutions for small business professionals. Smart Guy focuses on providing an easy-to-use exclusive platform for 1,500 professionals per city to generate new clients, network with other like-minded businesses and help consumers save money.

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