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Author Jones Oviawe-Jones launches the book “Millennial Investing 1” on Amazon

“Millennial Investing 1” is the newly launched book by Author Jones Oviawe-Jones, in which he describes the best investment techniques and strategies for the millennial generation. Although he believes that the fundamental investment principles remain the same, the advancements in technology offer a new dimension in the execution of such principles. He, in fact, coined the term ‘millennial investing’ after discovering social investing in 2016.

The book released on popular platform Amazon will provide an insight to the readers about the best-kept secrets of wealth creation currently enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. The book talks about the best techniques of investment and how it can be used in the best manner in the modern times. Millennials these days are mostly inclined towards mobility and gaming and the use of internet which has opened an opportunity for the new generation to build wealth by copy trading. The book introduces the readers to fundamentals of copytrading and the opportunities it brings.

Millennial Investing 1 defines the success factors in selecting winning traders that suit the investor’s goals. It helps the reader discover the winning copy trading strategies, and learn the key points to develop a balanced portfolio for sustainable growth. The readers will also understand the risk vs reward ratio as it relates to copytrading and learns methods to maximise their chances of success.

A number of people try their hands on investment but only a few manage to get profit from it. It’s a complicated business but the author explains the key points which are essential to becoming a successful investor, trader or copytrader. This book will help the readers in understanding the world of investment and how it works before they can dive into it with their money. The readers will learn about the trading algorithm, mirror trading, social investing, financial technology, crypto-currency trading and many more aspects of investment which are important in this industry.

Millennial Investing 1 describes in detail Forex and the trends that are followed in the past and current years. It also gives an insight about the major investment companies such as Etoro and leading financial technology companies. Millennial Investing 1 is the first book in the Millennial Investing series that focuses majorly on copytrading; in his next books, the author will talk about further aspects of investment.

The book can be downloaded in Kindle format on

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