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Igniting Passion, One Story At A Time: “Embracing STEM SMARTS” Launches on Amazon

DALLAS, TEXAS – 5 Jul, 2017 – In an effort to inspire young women to pursue an education and career in a STEM field, AMS Academic Solutions has launched their new book: Embracing STEM SMARTS. Available on Amazon and Kindle, the book tries to connect young learners with real-life stories from women who have built a successful and rewarding career in a STEM field. AMS Academic Solutions feels that the best path to encouraging more young women to pursue a STEM career is to highlight the journeys of other young women who have also followed their passion in a field that where women are typically underrepresented.

STEM includes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Many reports have outlined the immediate and future need for workers with a STEM education or background. Still, young women are not entering the fields nearly as often as their male counterparts despite the promising employment landscape. The hope is that this new book can help be a catalyst in helping more young women understand the options and opportunities in STEM fields. In addition, the book illustrates how a passion for STEM should be encouraged and emboldened at a young age.

The unfortunate reality is that, rather than being encouraged, young women are discouraged from pursuing STEM careers. This is often a result of societal pressures that wrongly define what a man’s job is and what a woman’s job is. The stories included in this new book are aimed at smashing through the preconceived notions that young women, their families, and their peers may hold. A STEM career is right for anyone who has the passion to pursue that journey. Plus, the rewarding feeling that comes from following a career path that can benefit and improve society is a feeling that so many young women are looking for as they plan for their future.


Alexis M. Scott presents this book which is full of stories from women who have followed their passion in STEM. She is a STEM Educational Enthusiast and also a Triple E (Educator, Engineer, and Entrepreneur). The stories from other women that she has collected in this book are all powerful stories of young women who chose to follow their passion in STEM and will resonate strongly with young women. The hope is that, one day, women in STEM fields will no longer be the exception, but rather, the norm.

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