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Dallas Synergy Chiropractic is Helping Parents in DFW With Candid Information About Their Child’s Healthcare

Dallas Synergy Chiropractic is Helping Parents Who Believe in Natural Healing For Their Children Instead of Painful Medical Procedures or Harmful Medicinal Treatments

3 Jul, 2017 – Drs. Bryan & Brittney Asby of Dallas Synergy Chiropractic are part of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and The National Wellness Foundation (NWF). They are reaching out to the DFW community to make them aware of the valuable information provided by the ICPA and NWF for parents who are looking for natural healing alternatives for their children. The ICPA has released highly informative articles for parents who have children suffering with attention or spectrum disorders and several other common childhood afflictions. Dallas Synergy Chiropractic wishes to draw attention to ICPA articles about the benefits of chiropractic care for children

“Our primary concern is to help mothers find the right information for their children, especially the ones who suffer from colic, ear infections, ADHD & sensory processing disorders,” said the spokesperson of ICPA. “The research articles that we release on our website are prepared by expert pediatricians and chiropractors and we want to raise awareness regarding these conditions as much as we can,” the spokesperson added. The association has shared valuable articles with authentic case studies on the benefits of chiropractic care concerning children with ADD or ADHD.

In addition to ADD and ADHD conditions, useful information shared for parents who have children suffering from Autism. Chiropractic methods can work wonders for children with autism and have been proven effective for the condition. Moreover, for children suffering from Colic disorder, chiropractic ways of treatment can be very effective as well. Bedwetting is also a major concern for many parents and it can also be treated without medication using chiropractic techniques.

Besides a plethora of information regarding these conditions, the association has also stressed raising awareness regarding the safety of pediatric chiropractic care for parents. Many patients have expressed satisfaction over these techniques and the association helps parents find the right pediatric chiropractor near them in order to help their child get the treatment he or she deserves. The website features understandable research articles aimed at parents.

Chiropractic care for children offers a solid foundation for wellness for the family. Throughout pregnancy, birth, and childhood, the chiropractic lifestyle offers choices and benefits for greater health and well-being of a child. The ICPA has shared several videos and articles that have helped parents understand the importance of the chiropractic family wellness lifestyle. Moreover, the association regularly shares resourceful newsletters for parents worldwide because a child’s health is the topmost concern of every parent around the world.

Drs. Bryan & Brittney are excited for the research coming about to help parents realize they do have alternatives and that chiropractic can be a viable option. They both look forward to their continued work with the ICPA and NWF as they continue to serve infants, children, mothers, and the entire family in the Dallas. 

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