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Getting Started with Tipcoin – The Internet of Money

1st Jul, 2017 – In modern time, crypto currency, like bitcoins are expanding rapidly in market. CRYPTO CURRENCY IS a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

We are going to introduce a coin i.e. TIPcoin. You can use this coin like your money. Buy anything groceries, clothes, travel tickets, recharge. You can do shopping. If you want then you can also directly transfer in your bank account and change in different popular coins. 

We started this just 4 months ago and we got awesome response and join 1 million user. Our CEO Mr. Abdullah Sheikh & his wife Sahiba both are Philippines based. After Mr. Abdullah’s father death, all responsibility of this company comes on both husband & wife. They are working hard to grow this company. They established server in 10 countries & IT companies are maintaining this project in 6 countries. 

Mr. Abdullah have group of companies, He is working in trading, oil, groceries & dry fruits. In his organization, there are 400 employees. To make, this special type of coin algorithm, he spent 3 year. 

After discussion of many experts of crypto currency, we got a result that in coming time, tipcoin is future money. In the last board of meeting with Abdullah Sheikh, 150 countries sign agreement to allow accepting tip coin as money. Crypto currency is safe, encrypted and reusable currency. It can’t be lost nor be vanished. It is expanding day by day.

TIP COIN stands for The International Payments coin.

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